Wine & Bar

In good company

In a glass: Your favourite drops. On the wine menu: Exquisite local winemakers and iconic wineries, top-shelf labels from Italy and our neighbours from France, Germany and Austria, including diverse classics and old rarities. Junior Chef Thomas and Sommelier Christoph Gerischer will help you make the best wine choice for every occasion, every dish and every state of mind.

Wine wisdom

Poetry in a bottle

Fruity, earthy, rich, light or crisp – above all wine is a truly divine drink. After all, it is mentioned more than two hundred times in the bible. That can’t be a coincidence, right?

Big wine list

Everyone should have someone who, fills up your glass at the right moment.

Christoph Gerischer

Sommelier & Wine Culture Expert

“I developed my passion for wine when working in a vineyard while at school. My love for wine came as a result of training to become a winemaker and sommelier. For 2 years I have been a wine culture expert in international champagne orders and as a sommelier in the Confrérie de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.“

Christph Gerischer - Sommelier & Wine Culture Expert

Listen to your heart.

If Christoph also says: “I recommend the 2019 Burgundy Cuvée “Gemeinsam““ Then you heard his best recommendation. This well-balanced Cuvée is made out of Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Auxerrois Blanc, Pinot Blanc and is something very special for Christoph. He personally planted and developed this vintage personally with friends.

A look at the wine menu

Like to find out more?

  • Once a week we offer you a high-quality wine tasting, for a fee, where you can taste top wines.
  • You can also purchase selected top wines from our wine store and bring them home with you. You can find the brochure in your room.


“Those who wants to find the truth in wine must not give up the search at the first glass.”

Werner Mitsch

Hotel bar

gin & more

Our hotel bar is open daily until the witching hour and offers a large selection of various gins, whiskeys, rums, cocktails, grappas as well as a small rarity, the wild raspberry brandy from Rochelt. You can enjoy your drink at the bar, on the sun terrace, by the pool or in the private of your room.

Hotel bar

Thomas Mair

Prospective Sommelier & Bartender

“The wine menu reflects our love of these precious drops: Top wines from all over the world, iconic local labels, and also some old rarities. At the bar we offer a refined selection of spirits and of course our signature drink, the house aperitif “2781” with a strictly secret recipe.

Thomas Mair - Aspiring Sommelier & Bartender
Bar area
Drinks & More
Let's become friends


Let's become friends

Period: 25.04. to 03.11.2024
from 538,- € per person for 4 nights with Hirzer 2781 ¾-luxury board

Active into the summer

Active into the summer

 Discover South tyrol

Period: 22.06-20.07.2024
from 1.008,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board

Pleasure & Relax weeks

Pleasure & Relax weeks

at Hirzer 2781

Period: 25.05. - 22.06.2024
from 994,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾-luxury board

Summer Delight Weeks

Summer Delight Weeks

Sun & fun

Period: 20.07-24.08.2024
from 1.085,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾-luxury board

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

Sea of flowers and sunshine

Period: 07.04. - 14.04.2024, 25.04 - 25.05.2024
from 903,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾-luxury board

Special deal for regular guests

Special deal for regular guests

Special: 10% discount

Period: 15.06. - 06.07.2024
from 894,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾-luxury board

Hiking & Wellness

Hiking & Wellness

Active & Relax

Period: 24.08-05.10.2024

from 1.064,- € per person with  Hirzer 2781 ¾-luxury board

Törggele in South Tyrol

Törggele in South Tyrol

Autumn at its best

Period: 05.10-03.11.2024
from 1.008,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾-luxury board