Beauty, Massages and SPA in Merano

Enter the SPAradies …

Gentle touches, high-quality essences and beneficial aromas – at our SPA & Beauty Oasis “La Bellezza” you are expected by our long-standing, trained spa therapists Karolina and Renata. Here you are – literally – in the best of hands.

“A massage is like a film: Really relaxing and a total escape. Except in a massage, you’re the star. And you don’t miss anything by falling asleep.”

Elizabeth Jane Howard

Our SPA body care line

Lean back and relax: For a unique SPA experience, we only use high-quality products from the LIGNE ST BARTH and MARIA GALLAND product lines.

The LIGNE ST BARTH body care line combines natural and pure ingredients and will enchant you with soft and exotic Caribbean aromas. The products are especially mild and can also be used on sensitive skin or with skin allergies.

The MARIA GALLAND line is considered a top brand in the beauty industry and stands for decades of experience and individually tailored treatments.

Info: We kindly ask you to book your wellness treatments in advance from the comfort of your own home by e-mail. Secure your desired appointment from home now! A cancellation of the treatment is accepted 24 hours in advance, otherwise we must charge the full price.

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Breakfast at the Hirzer
Breakfast on the sun terrace or in the dining room

Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments || Face
    Face, neck and décolleté treatment with nourishing vitamins and minerals, it cleans, refreshes and stimulates cellular renewal.
     55 min. 77,00 €
     80 min. 94,00 €
    Face, neck and décolleté treatment with fresh cucumber mousse, papaya mousse and high-quality Caribbean essences. It tightens and cleans your pores.
     55 min. 77,00 €
    Face, neck and décolleté treatment with intensive face massage and purifying mask.
     25 min. 39,00 €

Facial treatments

  • Facial treatments for her
    • Small facial treatment
      incl. cleaning, peeling, eyebrow plucking, vials, massage, mask, daytime or night-time skin care
       55 min. 71,00 €
    • Large facial treatment
      incl. cleaning, peeling, blackhead removal, eyebrow plucking, vials, massage, mask, daytime or night-time skin care
       85 min. 89,00 €
  • Facial treatments for him
    • Small facial treatment
      incl. cleaning, peeling, eyebrow plucking, vials, massage, mask, daytime or night-time skin care
       55 min. 63,00 €
    • Large facial treatment
      Large facial treatment incl. cleaning, peeling, blackhead removal, eyebrow plucking, vials, massage, mask, daytime or night-time skin care
       85 min. 79,00 €
  • Teen facial treatments (up to age 18)
    Special treatment for young skin incl. cleaning, peeling, serum, mini massage, mask, care
     60 min. 65,00 €
  • Cocoon therapy
    An extremely moisturising facial incl. a warming foam mask at the end
     60 min. 68,00 €
  • Soin professional lift
    Excellent anti-wrinkle treatment
     60 min. 74,00 €
  • Soin Thalasso Visage
    Refreshing and tightening treatment with algae
     60 min. 71,00 €
  • Eye treatment
    “radiant eyes” Special mask for the eye area, with a simulating and refreshing effect. Ideal for tired and swollen eyes.
    25 min. 34,00 €
  • Back cleaning
    incl. peeling, blackhead removal, back massage, mask.
    50 min. 61,00 €

Extra treatments

  • Eyebrow plucking
     10 min. 17,00 €
  • Eyebrow tinting
     10 min. 17,00 €
  • Eyelash tinting
     10 min. 19,00 €
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting
     25 min. 30,00 €
  • Day or evening make-up for special occasions
     50 min. 45,00 €
Beauty Treatments || Body

ST BARTH – Body treatments for her and him

    Body pack and massage with pure avocado oil, vitamins and minerals. It is particularly suitable after a day in the sun or for sensitive/dry skin.
     50 min. 71,00 €
    Body pack and massage with coconut-avocado oil, vitamins and minerals. This treatment is adapted individually to your skin type.
     50 min. 71,00 €
    Body pack and massage with a purifying and relaxing effect. The ideal treatment for heavy legs and a tense back, after arrival or a strenuous day of hiking.
     50 min. 71,00 €
  • ST BARTH HOMME (for him)
    Face and hand treatment for him. The new line for men pampers your face and a small face massage rounds off the program.
     55 min. 72,00 €

ST BARTH – Hand and feet treatments for her and him

    incl. hand bath, manicure, peeling and pack, massage – hands and nails are intensively pampered.
     55 min. 65,00 € | Nail polish extra: 8,00 €
    incl. foot bath, peeling and pack, pedicure, foot massage – intensive care (with polish if desired).
     80 min. 81,00 € | Nail polish extra: 8,00 €

Treatment for hands and feet

  • Manicure
     30 min. 38,00 €
  • Hand care
    incl. manicure, peeling, mask, massage
     60 min. 63,00 €
  • Pedicure with foot bath
     60 min. 47,00 €
  • Foot care
    incl. pedicure, peeling, mask, massage
     90 min. 77,00 €
  • Additional nail polish
     15 min. 8,00 €
  • French nail polish
     20 min. 15,00 €
  • Crystal
    each 1,00 €

Hot wax depilation

  • Half leg
    30,00 €
  • Whole leg
    43,00 €
  • Bikini area
    17,00 €
  • Armpits
    17,00 €
  • Upper lip (or chin)
    12,00 €
  • Back (for HIM)
    34,00 €
  • Chest (for HIM)
    34,00 €

ST BARTH – Full body massage

    This unique massage will take you away to the Caribbean with aromas of avocado, coconut, ivy and menthol. Your muscle tension will be intensively relaxed from head to toe, your tissues tightened and detoxed.
     50 min. 76,00 €
     80 min. 98,00 €

Pampering massages

  • Hot honey oil massage
     50 min. 63,00 €
  • Head and face massage
    25 min. 43,00 €
  • Back and neck massage
     25 min. 43,00 €
  • Foot massage
     25 min. 43,00 €
  • Full body massage
    incl. legs, stomach, décolleté / neck, arms, rear legs, back
     50 min. 63,00 €
  • Chocolate massage
    Do something good for your soul and skin: one hour without repentance with hot chocolate oil.
     50 min. 62,00 €
  • Aromatic oil relaxation massage
    Full body massage with hot essential and aromatic oils
     50 min. 65,00 €
     80 min. 95,00 €
  • Hot Stone Massage
    This relaxation massage uses the beneficial effect of heat, using lava stones dipped in essential oil. The hot stone massage is a traditional Indian massage and rebalances your body and soul.
    Full body:  80 min. 93,00 €
     50 min. 68,00 €
  • Ayurveda massage
    This massage originates in the orient. Muscles are fully relaxed by the hot oil and the warming massage movements. Treat yourself to a moment to exhale and rest.
    Full body:  80 min. 95,00 €
    Partial massage incl. back, head, face:  25 min. 44,00 €
  • Garshan
    Raw silk glove treatment with hot sesame oil massage
     50 min. 60,00 €
  • Padabhyana partial massage
    Feet and legs
     25 min. 44,00 €
  • Foot area massage
    The energetic points of your feet are specifically stimulated which positively influences the inner organs.
     25 min. 43,00 €
  • South Tyrol herb stamp massage
    This full body massage will re-energise you and loosen your muscles. Deep relaxation and regeneration. The finest natural South Tyrol mountain herbs are processed in fabric stamps and massaged with beneficial hot oils.
     50 min. 78,00 €
  • Two-in-one
    Foot zone and back massage
     50 min. 62,00 €
  • Kids massage (up to age 16)
    Partial back or leg massage
     20 min. 34,00 €
  • Sport massage
     50 min. 69,00 €
  • Well-being treatment for tired hikers
    A hot foot bath with special essences and sport massage for the legs
     45 min. 57,00 €
  • Back treatment
    Hot back pack with essential oils and final back massage
     50 min. 61,00 €


There is the right oil for every peeling. It is recommended to complete the treatment with a full body massage or back massage. Our recommendation: Let yourself be pampered also with a bath!

  • St. Barth Caribbean feeling
     30 min. 43,00 €
  • Sea salt peeling
     30 min. 40,00 €
  • Honey peeling with sea salt
     30 min. 40,00 €
  • Chocolate peeling
     30 min. 40,00 €
  • Orange sea salt peeling
     30 min. 40,00 €

The treatments from the “Newera” body care line make it possible with their beneficial actions to achieve the desired sensation of wellness. With this treatment, you are massaged with a pack of your choice and wrapped in a “softpack lounger”. It is heated and gives you the sensation of weightlessness. The lounger, also called “Nuvola” (cloud), uses heat to achieve complete relaxation of the muscles and spine. At the same time, your skin is pampered and receives the necessary care. Perfect relaxation for body and soul.

  • Hirzers pampering bath
    A softening, moisturising and nourishing body treatment with milk, honey, almond oil and dead-sea salt. Ideal for: dry, demanding, mature skin.
     30 min. 42,00 €
  • Chocolate bath “chocolate mousse”
    A hot and relaxing treatment. With the sweet aromas and hot, creamy chocolate pack you can forget about your day-to-day problems and dive into a dream world. The aromas remind you of chocolate mousse or nougat. Ideal for: all skin types, stressed skin.
     30 min. 42,00 €
  • Hay bath
    The hot, soaked hay detoxes your body and you will feel reborn. Your body does not come into direct contact with the hay, to avoid irritation. This refreshing body treatment must be confirmed at least 1 day before the appointment, as the hay is delivered fresh. Ideal for: loose skin, cellulite, water retention.
     30 min. 42,00 €
  • Fango
    This is an ideal body pack for back and muscle pain. Warming and cooling fango is applied to the corresponding body areas. The body starts to work due to the cold-hot reaction. Ideal for: Sore muscles, back pain, tired legs.
     30 min. 42,00 €
  • Algae detox bath
    Stimulates your metabolism and has a relaxing effect. It stimulates the circulation.
     30 min. 42,00 €

  • St. Barth exotic bath
    Provides intensive moisture. Ideal after being in the sun and for dry skin.
     30 min. 45,00 €
Wellness package
  • Wellness package “Hirzer 2781” for her or him
    1 hay bath
    1 back massage in connection with a head massage with hot oils
    1 mountain herb tea
     55 min. 69,00 €
  • South Tyrol enjoyment *
    1 body peeling
    1 fango
    1 South Tyrol herb stamp massage
    1 herb tea
     110 min. 146,00 €
  • Detox -ritual
    1 sea salt peeling
    1 fango full body pack
    1 foot zone massage
    1 leg-stomach massage
    1 detox tea
     150 min. 189,00 €
  • Trial day for her or him
    1 large facial treatment
    1 pedicure
    1 Hirzers pampering bath
    1 back massage with hot herb oils
     160 min. 187,00 €
  • Sweet temptation
    1 chocolate peeling
    1 chocolate bath
    1 full body chocolate massage
     110 min. 131,00 €
  • Teen package (up to age 18)
    1 manicure
    1 small facial treatment
     80 min. 77,00 €
  • Indian dream
    1 Garshan (raw silk glove massage)
    1 Abhyanga full body massage
    1 Abhyanga partial massage
    1 Ayurvedic tea
     140 min. 182,00 €
  • A day only for me
    1 harmony full body massage with face
    1 body sea salt peeling
    1 face mask
     110 min. 129,00 €
  • 3 day luxury and relaxation for her or him
    1 Pureness facial treatment
    1 hand beauty treatment
    1 foot beauty treatment
    1 Harmony full body massage
    1 Caribbean body peeling
     270 min. 297,00 €
Summer Holidays in the Alps

Summer Holidays in the Alps

Sun & fun

Period: 17.07. - 28.08.2021
from 854,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board

Hikes and wellness

Hikes and wellness

in the Alps

Period: 28.08. - 25.09.2021
from 854,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board

Törggele in South Tyrol

Törggele in South Tyrol

Autumn at its best

Period: 25.09. - 07.11.2021
from 847,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board