Love for interior and exterior design

Rooms that tell stories

Your eyes can never get enough. But be astonished and admire everything: The rooms have a very special magic with the well thought-out design of the interior designer Harald Margreiter. With timeless colours, stylistically exceptional patterns and a harmonious overall concept, rooms come alive and fire our imaginatio.

“Emotion comes from motion and means movement. We move you.”

Thomas Mair

Classy, yet homey. Lively, but also high-class. No-nonsense, yet playful. With lots of love for details, but a far cry from kitsch. A harmonious mixture of modern luxury, traditional and collector’s items seeped in nostalgia.

Design Hotel
Design Hotel South Tyrol
Design Hotel Avelengo

In a few words: A place to feel good looking for its equals.

Harald Margreiter

Interior Architect & Designer

He isn’t a nine to five interior designer who puts on his designer work coat in the morning and turns his back on it in the evening. Instead he goes through life with lively eyes and infallible intuition, always inspired as an artist and accompanied by a myriad of ideas.

“The new Hirzer 2781 is a home away from home where every guest can feel an inner sense of peace. An exceptional gem. With a timeless design that is unobtrusive yet enticing, that caresses guests and presents them with much love for detail. At Hirzer 2781 everyone becomes an amazed guest, a child, a gourmet and a wine lover. Here I feel touched by the passion of the owners.”

Gourmet restaurant with award-winning chef
Design vacation
Attention to detail
Spring - Wellness & Walking


Wellness & Walking

Period: 15.05. - 03.07.2021
from 805,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board

Spring - Wellness & Walking

Special deal for regular guests

& friends of Hirzer 2781

Period: 12.06. - 26.06.2021
10% discount

Summer with the family

Summer with the family

Hirzer Love = Family Love

Period: 03.07. - 17.07.2021
from 819,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board

Summer Holidays in the Alps

Summer Holidays in the Alps

Sun & fun

Period: 17.07. - 28.08.2021
from 854,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board

Hikes and wellness

Hikes and wellness

in the Alps

Period: 28.08. - 25.09.2021
from 854,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board

Törggele in South Tyrol

Törggele in South Tyrol

Autumn at its best

Period: 25.09. - 07.11.2021
from 847,- € per person with Hirzer 2781 ¾ board